How to Do Valentines Day Nails

The day of love and its expression has become a major event of the year. Valentines day gives us all the opportunity to express our love through words, gifts, cards and even make over. Feel the spirit of valentines in everything around you, from decorating the place with red hearts to painting your nails in the colors of the day. You can make interesting designs on your nails and stand apart from the crowd in a unique way. Valentines Day nails can be as simple as painting your nails all deep red and as cute as having mini red hearts on the base of a pink polish. It is about letting your imagination run free. Our step by step guide has some ideas you cane easily follow to make this Valentines day a lot special than the last ones. After all, the love for your own self is greater than anything else.


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    Valentine hearts:

    Paint your nails with a base color of white polish. Let the white base dry. Now use a makeup sponge to randomly sponge your nails in pink,. white and purple nail color. Let  these colors dry on your nails. Dip a thin brush in black n ail polish and make a single cute heart in the middle of each nail. Do not fill this heart. A clear coat after the hearts dry will preserve the design for long.

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    Paint your nails in a base color of sky blue. Apply two coats so that the base is solid.  Let this base color dry first. Now use a thin brush dipped in red polish to draw a simple bird shape on the corner of each nail. Draw a small curve under each bird shape to turn it into the shapes of lips. You are done with the design.

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    Valentine stickers:

    Nail stickers with lovely valentine shapes and messages are available in stores, especially in the first two weeks of February. You just have to buy these stickers, paint a base color over your nails and then polish over the sticker. After your remove the sticker, the design will be on the nails. You can also make your own stickers by downloading nail designs from the internet and getting them printed on clear transparent sheets. Cut these designs out and use them to paint your nails. You can also personalize your nail art with text.

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