Valentine’s Day Desserts for Kids Ideas

Every February Valentine’s Day is celebrated in order to show love and care to our loved ones. We do not have to forget kids on such a great occasion. You can make this day especial for them by making some special type of desserts to provide them with something different. Your dessert will definitely impress your kid and it will give them a sense of satisfaction that how much they are important for you. Given below are some of the Valentine’s Day Desserts that you can make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one for your kids.


  • 1

    Chocolate mini cups

    Put the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl and heat it for approximately two minutes. Stir the chocolate until smooth. Take baking cups according to the number of your kids and spray some oil in them. Now fill the cups with chocolate. Cover the cups properly with a plastic wrap and put it into refrigerate for almost one hour. Take out the chocolate cupcakes, remove the plastic wrap and serve.

  • 2

    Valentine Tortilla Roll-ups

    Take strawberry jam and a soften cream cheese into a tortilla. Now roll the tortilla into a log and cut it into pieces with the help of a plastic knife.

  • 3

    Heart-Shaped Cookies

    Add sugar, butter and egg to a big bowl and beat them until mix properly. Add baking soda, flour, vanilla extract, tarta and almond extract to the mixture and make a very soft dough. Refrigerate the dough for about two hours. Pick a shaped cookie cutter and cut the dough into heart-shaped cookies. Bake the cookies at 375 degree for eight minutes. The yummy heart-shaped cookies are ready to serve.

  • 4

    Red Gelatin

    Make a red gelatin and in case, if you are short on time then you can better go for pre-packaged containers. Top the gratin with a mound of whipped cream and pink or red sprinkles. The delicious Red Gelatin is all set to serve.

  • 5

    Banana Bread

    Take some bananas, mash them and add butter to it. Mix them properly. Now add baking soda, sugar, salt and egg to the banana mixture and beat them well. Add all-purpose flour all beat again with the help of cake mixer. Your batter is ready; now transfer this mixture into the loaf pan. Bake it at 350 degree for minimum one hour. Kids’ Kids’ all-time favourite Banana Bread is ready to serve.

  • 6

    Strawberry Fruit Pie

    Take a pre-packaged graham cracker piecrust and fill it with strawberries pie. Now top it with dollops of whipped topping. Do not forget to decorate the Strawberry Fruit Pie with chocolates in order to make them more attractive towards your kids. Enjoy your valentine's day Strawberry Fruit Pie.

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