Unique Ideas for Valentine’s Day

It is not unusual that we want to do things for our loved ones that are unique and which make them feel special. Now Valentine’s Day is one time of the year when love is in the air, with couples celebrating their feelings for each other and showing their affection. If you want this Valentine’s Day to be a pleasant, long-lasting memory for you and your special someone, and don’t want to end up having that, ‘been there, done that,’ feeling, then read on. Because if you’re tired of brainstorming for unique Valentine’s Day ideas and can’t come up with any, this article will help you plan the perfect day for you and your beloved, in a romantic way! The best thing about the ideas here is that you can work on them even with your friends and family.


  • 1

    Book your nearest cinema hall/auditorium for just the two of you or your group of friends. While you might have to really pull some strings and pay a hefty price, the experience of watching a movie alone in the whole theater is worth any trouble you go through.

  • 2

    If you and your beloved have a knack for adventure, you can try scuba diving. A lot of people who have tried it vouch for the fact that it is a form of meditation. It makes you realize nature’s miracles and can make for an excellent bonding opportunity.

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    The deep sea can also be experienced through an under-water ride in a submarine. This is surely going to be a memory that you and your beloved would be able to narrate to your grandchildren.

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    Charter a plane/helicopter and take an aerial view of the city and the suburbs around it. This unique idea will show your beloved how important he/she is and the extent you can go to make them feel they’re valued. The idea will work especially well if the locality is a hilly area, adding beauty to the whole concept.

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    It is said that there’s a child in all of us, who, as we grow up, merely learns to behave in a way that is socially acceptable. Bring out that child in yourself and your partner this Valentine’s Day. Book a famous amusement park and enjoy an unlimited number of rides, buy cotton candies and do things with the freedom that you two could never have as kids.

  • 6

    If you’re looking for a mushy, romantic evening on this Valentine’s Day, then instead of picking your date in your own car, hire a limo which has a mini bar and a considerable supply of champagne and/or wine that will keep the two of you satiated. Drive around the city at night and let the city’s night life and mesmerizing lights enchant you into another world altogether. When hungry, the two of you can either get something through the drive through or dine at a fancy restaurant before driving back home.

  • 7

    Visit an Island which promises the serendipity of closeness in a romantic setting. Bora Bora, situated just an hour away from the island of Tahiti, is a perfect romantic getaway for couples.

  • 8

    Another unique idea can be you and your soul-mate having a candle light dinner on a floating dock in the middle of water. Savor being enveloped by the light breeze, while the tranquility of night bathes the two of you.

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