How to Create a Themed Gift for Valentine’s Day

Whenever Valentine’s Day arrives, people buy a lot of gifts for their loved ones and express their feelings to one another. This is a really special day as it allows you to spend time with your partner, be happy and have all the pleasures of life. While most people spend time in getting ready for a date, it is easy to forget how important selecting the right gift is.

One of the most exciting things on Valentine’s Day is the prospect of receiving special gifts. While you can simply visit your local shops or check online stores for stuff that is trending, a personalized gift is much more effective in terms of expressing your feelings. So instead of looking to get the most expensive stuff for your partner, you should try and put some time and effort into making something special that your partner will cherish and remember for years to come.

However, if you don’t have time to make something from scratch, a good idea is to put together themed gifts. You can buy anything you need from different stores but work on personalizing the items and assorting them for a unique presentation and a gift that is sure to strike as different and thoughtful.


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    Keep your partner's preferences in mind

    Since the gift is about your partner and not you, you need to keep his./her preferences in mind. If you are in  a new relationship, you can either ask your partner directly about his/her likes and dislikes or talk to to his/her friends and family for suggestions.

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    Don't copy what others do

    Just because a cousin or friend of yours is doing something doesn't mean you should do it as well. While there is no harm in getting inspiration from others, you should try to come up with an idea which isn't very common.

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    Don't repeat themes

    You should try to work on new themes and not repeat old ones. For instance, if you gave you partner a heart shaped gift box with a heart shaped chocolate box and a necklace with a heart last year, you should try to get different stuff this year.

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    Choose his/her favorite colors

    Incorporating colors your partner likes is also important when putting together a themed gift set. For instance, if you know your partner to be crazy about black, use black as a base for your themed gift set.

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    Organize everything neatly

    Even if you have a box of chocolates, flowers, a music CD, a lovely handkerchief, a purse, a mug and a necklace, you need to organize all this properly in a gift basket to get the final impression right. Giving all these things separately will mellow down the effect of these gifts and it won't be as surprising for your partner.

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