How to Be a Lover on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most special events for a couple. It is a day to remember that you are soul mates and nothing in this world is more important for you than the person you love.

The day is marked with chocolates and red heart-shaped balloons. However, if you wish to be a little different, by doing some small things, you can make your partner feel that Valentine’s Day is a lot more than just romance and gifts for you. Most of the people limit such a beautiful occasion to materialism; however, you should remember that the best form of expressing love is to show to your partner that he/she is the focus of your attention and care.

Remember you can still be an ideal lover on Valentine’s Day, even if your budget does not allow you to spend too much on gifts.


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    Start the day with a lovely breakfast

    You can set the tone for a perfect day with breakfast in bed. Using a cookie cutter, you can make heart-shaped pancakes. Through candy pieces or sliced fruit, you can spell out a lovely message for your partner on a desert.

    You can make your lover's morning special by drawing a heart on a steamed mirror in the bathroom. A beautiful and romantic message with the lipstick will also do wonders. There are tons of small but special ways to express yourself and in the end it is all about how creative you can be.

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    Do not be reluctant to praise your partner

    Everyone wants to receive nice compliments, especially on an important event or an occasion. Do not hesitate in praising your partner on Valentine’s Day and be appreciative of their looks and dressing sense.

    On a day like Valentine’s Day, you should not be shy of praising your partner even in public.

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    Leave love notes

    You can make your partner/spouse feel extremely special by hiding romantic notes in their coat pockets, briefcase, car or even in the lunch box. This can be a beautiful surprise from your side which won't cost you anything.

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    Sing a romantic song for your partner

    There is nothing like listening to a romantic song from your lover. You should dedicate a lovely song with beautiful lyrics to your partner on Valentine’s Day. You can play the song early in the morning or set it up as your partner's ring tone and call to wake him/her up.

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    Go out for dinner

    Go out for a candle light dinner in a restaurant which has a beautiful and romantic atmosphere. Make sure you dress nicely to show how much the date means to you and put in an effort to pamper your partner.

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