How to Plan Kids Valentine’s Day Party

Celebrate the love you feel for your kids this Valentine’s Day by arranging a perfect Valentine’s Day party for them at home or school. It is not necessary to organize an expensive party; rather, you can work on things that your kids like and put together a nice event for them this year. Valentine’s Day provides you a great opportunity to do special things for your loved ones and pamper them. So, follow the given ideas in order to plan a children’s Valentine’s Day party for your kids.


  • 1

    Make a list of the Children you plan to invite

    First of all, make a list of the children you plan to invite to your Valentine’s Day party. Listing everyone down will help you get an idea of how many kids to expect. Ask your own kids for names of their friends and don't forget the children in your family.

  • 2

    Send invitation cards

    Secondly, you need to send invitation cards to all the children you wish to invite. Do not forget to mention the exact venue, timings and date in each card. If you are arranging a one-dish party, you can write about the dish each kid is supposed bring with him or her.

  • 3

    Wait for responses

    It is better to request RSVP (please reply or reply if it pleases you) so that you can make arrangements according to the number of confirmations.

  • 4

    Plan a menu

    Your menu is the main part of the Children's Valentine's Day Party. Plan your party menu by keeping in mind the ages of the kids that will be attending your party and popular food choices with those age groups.

  • 5

    Plan some Valentine's Day Games

    A children’s Valentine's Day party is incomplete without games. You can plan some age-appropriate games for the children in order to make it the most memorable party of their life. You can add Valentine Bingo, and Hide the Heart Button, pass the parcel and Pin the Arrow on Cupid to your party games.

  • 6

    Arrange Valentine's Day Music

    Arrange Valentine's Day Music for the children in order to set up a nice environment. Make sure to select songs according to their age group or plain music to go with the event.

  • 7

    Choose some party activities

    As we know that Kids love to create things, therefore planning some Valentine's Day crafts with them is a great idea to engage them in healthy activities. Otherwise, you can ask them decorate their cookies according to their own choice.

  • 8

    Decorate your party site

    After the planning part, start decorating the area you have reserved for the party. Decorate the area by keeping the kids’ favourite colours and the occasion in mind.  You can use balloons, artificial flowers, Valentine's Day banners, cupid and heart window clings and heart whirls etc.

  • 9

    Be attentive during the party

    Keep an eye on the kids during the party in order to avoid any mishap. You can also participate in different activities in order to make the party more interesting for the kids.

  • 10

    Finish your party with a Valentine's Day Pinata Fun Time

    Finishing your party with a Valentine's Day Pinata Fun is a brilliant idea to make it more memorable for the kids. They will go back home with these sweet memories and will definitely remember your party for long.

  • 11

    Give the kids a tiny bag filled with some treats

    Place some chocolates, toys, bracelets, pens, stamps, books, or candies in small bags and distribute these among the kids at the end of the party.

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