How to Plan a Romantic Scavenger Hunt for Valentine’s Day

Running out of ideas for this Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry! A romantic scavenger hunt with your significant other is going to help make your day special. It is one of the most creative ways to refresh your relationship as the two of you can share several memories while playing this game. Switch on the light bulbs over your creative side of things and make this Valentine’s Day something worth remembering for years to come.


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    Firstly you need to set a theme for this scavenger hunt. “Valentine’s Day” won’t do enough for a theme. Try to dig in deep and be as specific as possible. For instance, the theme could easily be “Old Memories” where the two of you can search for things which the both of you have enjoyed together in the past. Whatever the case may be, make sure that your theme coincides with Valentine’s Day.

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    Second, you need to make a specific path for your scavenger hunt. Set the limits and the boundaries which you want. The path should be set in a way that you can easily drive or walk on it. Since one thing is going to connect to the other, the two of you will really have to work your way in order to win. Moreover, try to keep the time in mind as well.

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    Write down questions which will serve as clues for your partner and so that he/she can answer those questions and hunt for different items accordingly. This means that the answer to the first questions could be a clue for the next item. Always remember, clues should not be too clear, they should be subtle yet explanatory at the same time.

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    Add up a few extra people to the scavenger hunt. For instance, a friend could provide a clue to your partner for this scavenger hunt. Or maybe a waiter could bring a clue to the table at a restaurant where the two of you once dated. Just make sure that your helpers are keeping everything a secret.

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    Always choose papers that are red, pink or white in colour. These papers should contain all the clues and you can place them inside matching envelopes to add to the overall look.

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    Always end the scavenger hunt at a romantic spot. Perhaps a place where the two of you met for the first time. Or even a place which the two of you visit often and it has a special meaning for you.

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