Valentine Gifts for Preschool Kids

While Valentine’s Day is rarely ever thought of as anything more than a special occasion for couples, this does not always need to be the case. Given the fact that it is a day for showing love and appreciation, children can also get in on the act, and Valentine’s Day can make for a fun occasion and event for preschool kids.

While it is a great idea to arrange different activities for kids on Valentine’s Day, the occasion would not be complete without gifts. A present is a great way for a teacher or a parent to show their preschool kids just how much they love them. Children love receiving gifts, so this is a fail-safe way to make sure kids enjoy the day. Even if you have lots of kids at home, or happen to be a teacher who is in charge of a fairly large classroom, do not anticipate a big dent in your budget – there are several simple and unique gifts you can give to preschool kids on Valentine’s Day, that will be surprisingly light on your wallet.


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    Valentine's Day cupcakes or cookies

    Children love all things sweet and sticky, so giving them Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes or cookies as presents is bound to make their faces light up. The cupcakes can be frosted with pink or red icing, while the cookies can be cut in the shape of hearts. Large batches of these can easily be made, after which you can wrap them up for individual gifts. For more ideas, browse through a detailed Recipe for Valentine Sugar Cookies and check out How to Make Valentine Cupcakes.

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    Valentine's Day desserts

    While cookies and cupcakes are generic Valentine’s Day gifts, there are also a variety of other Valentine’s Day desserts, that are bound to have the same magical effect on preschool kids. Look through a detailed Guide to Valentine’s Day Desserts for Kids in order to gather more ideas.

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    Colouring books

    If there is one thing preschool kids love, it’s drawing and colouring. A Valentine’s Day themed colouring book can be an amazing present for any kid, and in addition to being loads of fun, will also help her/him in learning how to colour. For more details, check out how to Download Valentine’s Day Coloring Book.

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    Preschool kids love storybooks, with their bright colourful illustrations and engaging stories that titillate their young imaginations. In addition to being a fun present, a Valentine’s Day themed storybook can also be educational, and provide kids with plenty of moral lessons. You can choose from many storybooks designed for preschool kids that centre on the theme of Valentine’s Day – just make sure the book has lots of illustrations.

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    Box of crayons

    A box of crayons is another great gift for preschool kids. Make sure you select quality crayons that are non-toxic, and instruct the children on refraining from putting these in their mouths. There are a wide variety of crayons available (e.g. scented ones), and this can also be a great side present with a colouring book.

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    Making home-made chocolate candy is another great gift option for your preschool kids. Kids love chocolates, and if you make these at home, you can tailor the candy to include the specific ingredients and flavours that the kids like. Find out How to Make Chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

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