How to Get Married on Valentine’s Day

If you are planning your wedding and looking for a suitable date in the near future, February 14 is just around the corner! Valentine’s Day is not only one of the most popular days for romantic dates but also presents a great opportunity for the most special day in any  couple’s life – their wedding. Having a Valentine’s Day wedding will not only make everything much more romantic but also ensure that you get a memory that will stay with you for life. However, as is the case with any wedding, proper planning is crucial in order to make the most of the special day.


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    Get your partner on board

    Before you can begin preparing for the wedding you need to take your partner on board with the whole idea. If you have already proposed or are engaged, you can discuss the prospective dates and consider whether it is feasible to get married on Valentine's Day. If the two of you think its a great idea, you can pitch it to friends and family as well to get their feedback.

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    Begin Planning

    If you are thinking of a small private wedding with a select few people, you won't have to spend a lot of time planning it and can go ahead with it this year. However, if you are looking for a grand event, you might want to hold off till next year so that you can work everything out and avoid a stressful wedding.

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    Shortlist appropriate venues

    The venue is one of the most important decisions and needs to be taken mutually. You can search online for ideas or ask your friends and family members for recommendations. Remember, it does not have to be a popular or premium location and you should be looking for a venue which suits your requirements.

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    Visit the venues with your partner

    After shortlisting venues for the big day you need to visit them with your partner to get a feel for them and experience the atmosphere in person. It is important that both of you select a venue you are comfortable with. You also need to look at catering options and food choices along with the costs involved before making the final decision and booking a venue for the big day.

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    Make up the guests' list

    After you finalize the venue you will need to start working on your guests' list. Make sure you note down the names of all family relatives and ask your friends and family if they want to invite any additional people.

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    Order your dress

    Search online for different dress designers and go through their wedding catalogues. Book an appointment with a designer you like and check out some of the designs at their boutique. Select the dress and color that you think will suit you and if possible, take a couple of your friends along for advice as well. You can also discuss your choice with the designer, but red, pink, and white colors are the best possible options for a Valentine’s Day wedding. Make sure you order your dress as soon as possible to make time for trying it out and getting it perfect for the big day.

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    Select your wedding card design

    As the day grows near you will need to select a wedding card design for your invites as well. You should go with something that reflects the Valentine's Day theme but does not over do it. Subtle colors with a cute font should do the trick just fine.

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    Select the music

    You can invite singers or a music band for a live performance on your Valentine’s Day wedding. Get recommendations from your friends or search for wedding bands online. Once you get in touch with them, you can ask for their playlist and give them your own to see what they can play.

  • 9

    Order a heart-shaped wedding cake

    Do not forget to order a heart-shaped Valentine’s Day wedding cake. You can ask for the cake to be decorated appropriately and reflect the importance of the big day.

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