Valentine Games for Kids Party Ideas

Games do not only entertain and energize us but they can also add up to the joy of a certain occasion such as the Valentine’s Day.  Although this day is known primarily for love and romance but if there are some games or so called Valentine’s games are associated with it, it will certainly add more to the joy. Valentine’s games can prove to be adventurous for people of almost all age groups, giving you a chance to know people you are not familiar with in the adult’s party. Being full of fun and silly things, these games can be played at Valentine Kids party, in school or at home thus creating a cheerful atmosphere.


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    You can deliver a unique message to the participants on Valentine’s Day taking some printouts from the fun websites. This may also feature some interesting puzzles along with a small prize for the winner like a stuffed toy or a dollar note.

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    Like the one you will see on the DLTK website, take a print out of the Valentine's bingo game, tailoring the cards as per your requirements. For kids you may select cards that highlight certain skills like uppercase calligraphy and colors. Besides, there can be a picture or text calling out words with players checking off their bingo square in a match or playing informally quite identical to road trip bingo by making them check off a word when they spot that item in the room.

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    Word Games

    A Valentine's party can be full of fun with Word games as they add up more to the joy of this special day. The printable puzzles like Valentine's anagrams, crossword puzzles and word finds can be found on the DLTK website.

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    Another funny way to kick off a party is with Valentine's riddles. They can also be found on DLTK like “What did the owl say to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day?" and “What did the bear say to her boyfriend on Valentine's Day?" These riddles can provide lot of entertainment to the younger kids.

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    Mad Libs

    Participants of almost all age groups can be engaged to play in print out mad libs. Various printable games could be found on the Mad Glibs website with a Valentine's theme. You can easily get them printed by simply selecting the printer-friendly option.

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    A Valentine's memory game can provide some real fun to small groups. This is very much similar to other memory games played with cards facing down on the table arrangement, when a player matches two of the same card by remembering. The a printable Valentine's memory game can be found on DLTK and will only require some cutting of the cards once printed.

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    The above-mentioned games can be mingled with some other activities such as Valentine's box decoration or shared story writing. It will bring more fun with the activities mixed in a lively way. Visit the below given link for the games:

    Visit dltk-kids website

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