Ideas to Make Valentine’s Day Box

With Valentine Day around the corner, the different types of Valentine boxes can be a decorative and great place to put your kids’ gifts. Character Themed Boxes are famous among small children. Decorating character themed boxes for your children on this Valentine’s Day will provide you with an opportunity to show you hidden abilities while making a handy storage container for your children. The character themed boxes then can be filled with little trinkets to express your love towards your kids. Some famous character like Tweety, Dora, Spiderman, Tom and Jerry and many others, inspires children. Give your children a surprise on this Valentine’s Day with a nicely decorated character themed box by following the given below simple steps:

Things you will need to decorate Character Themed Boxes on Valentine’s Day

Small boot boxes or large shoeboxes

Wrapping paper


Pictures of the characters

Valentine’s Day quotes


Scrap booking embellishments

Glittered accents

Glitter glue



  • 1

    Lay a solid colour wrapping paper with the white side up. You can select the wrapping paper according to the favourite colour of your children. Now lay the bottom of the small or large shoebox on the wrapping paper.

  • 2

    Apply wrapping paper to the box with the help of the glue or two-sided tape. Cut pictures of the character out of the Valentine's Day card package and adhere them to the box with glue.

  • 3

    Write a Valentine's Day quote or the name of your children on the front of the box with the help of crayon or glitter glue.

  • 4

    A unique homemade Character Themed Box is ready, fill it with chocolates or toffees, and present it to your child, making his or her Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

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