How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work

Love is arguably the most exciting and wonderful feeling in the world and Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to confess your love. There is a belief that your loved ones can hardly deny your proposal if you exchange gifts during this occasion.

It has become very popular to celebrate Valentine’s Day nowadays and while some work places let their employees take leaves, some people have to actually go to work. Nevertheless, if you find yourself going to work on February 14, you can celebrate Valentine’s Day at your office as well.


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    If you know you are going to be coming to office on February 14th, discuss your options with your colleagues the day before. All of you can hang back after work and plan up an office party for Valentine's Day.

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    Decide on the room or hall within the office where you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Decorate your office or conference room with balloons and colourful badges to set up the mood.

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    Ask your more creative colleagues to come up with ideas for games and contests. You guys can arrange for cards, poker, truth or dare and musical chairs. Everyone can also pool money for an inter-office lottery.

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    Celebrating this day without music is just like celebrating a birthday party without a cake. Good music is always uplifting, and the function will look incomplete without dancing. Audio and video equipment can also be easily arranged by someone who has the equipment at home.

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    Ask your colleagues to find out what they would like to eat and drink at the party. All of you can either bring a dish from home or pool money to order in.

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    Finally you can invite your bosses to the party as well and make sure there is enough food for everyone at the party.

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    On a personal note you can also get greeting cards for your colleagues and write short notes on them for the people you want to wish on the special day.

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