10 Tips for making Valentine’s Day Special

An ordinary day can be turned into a special one and a special day can be spent like an ordinary one. It all depends on you and how you plan a day. However, if it is the Valentine’s Day and you have someone special in your life, there is no excuse to let the day go without celebration. You may go on and spend big bucks for making this day special or can just do a few special things for your beloved to win his/her heart. If you are wondering how you can make Valentine’s Day special this year, here are 10 tips you should read.


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    You can start preparing the night before and set up a vibrating alarm on your phone to wake up a little early. Once you are up, you can run a warm bath and start making your partner's favourite breakfast to surprise him/her when he/she gets up in the morning.

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    You can also put up decorations around your bedroom, like ribbons and flowers. Using rose petals is also a good idea and you can scatter them on the bed and the floor, leading to a corner in the room where you can place the gift you got for your partner.

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    You can also dress up before your partner wakes up so you can surprise him/her when he/she gets up. You can serve breakfast first and start the day pampering your partner.

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    Playing his/her favorite music is also a good idea. You can either use your partner's music CDs or make your own playlist and dedicate the songs to him/her.

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    Apart from serving him/her breakfast you can also bake something sweet for Valentine's day and serve it to your partner after breakfast. You can look at recipes for cookies and cakes for his purpose.

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    It is highly likely that your partner discusses things with you and if you think back you might be able to recall an instance where he/she told you about something he/she wanted badly. It can be a perfume, a phone, a jacket or a pair of shoes - if you can think of something like that, you should get it as a gift for Valentine's Day. Remember, nothing makes people happy like getting things they actually want as surprises.

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    If your partner has to go to work on Valentine's Day, you can surprise him/her at the office by sending a bouquet of flowers or a gift. Not only will your partner be happy to get something from you during the day, his/her colleagues will also know that someone cares for him/her.

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    In order to give your partner something unique this year, you can work on creating a scrapbook or picture album with old photos of the two of you. You can also make notes on these photos to give them a personal touch and it will be great for the two of you to bond with each other.

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    A hand-written Valentine's Day letter is a great way to give your partner something personal and special, which he/she will cherish for years to come. Moreover, you can also put your feelings into words and reignite your emotions through writing.

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    If you are comfortable with arts and crafts you can also work on creating home-made Valentine's Day cards and make something special for your partner. Anything you make is going to hold immense sentimental value for him/her and is going to be something truly special.

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