How to Decorate Your Table for Valentine’s Day

To be a special Valentine to your partner you can plan a lavish romantic date in your house or you can arrange a simple dinner with your partner. In both conditions, it is important to set up a nice table setting for your get-together in order to impress your Valentine. You really have to be careful about the table presentation otherwise, forget to arrange a special date with a simple table. Decoration of a table requires special skills and creative mind. Following given below simple steps will help you to impress your girlfriend or boyfriend with an impressive Valentine table presentation:

Things you will require to decorate the table

Following given below are the things required to decorate the table for Valentine’s Day:

Valentine Confetti
Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards
Candle holders
Fresh / Silk Roses
Votive Candle holders
Votive Candles
Hershey’s Kisses Candy
Candy Conversation Hearts
Foil-wrapped Candy Hearts
Strings of artificial Pearls
Napkin Rings


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    Tablecloth is the main part of table decoration as it can affect the whole theme of your Valentine presentation. Select a fine quality tablecloth based on your boyfriend or girlfriend favorite color. You can simply develop a theme by selecting other equipments that you will be using in your table decoration according to his or her favorite color. In case if you are not aware of the favorite color of your partner, you can select a tablecloth with a simple lace around it.

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    Take a fine-quality crystal vase and decorate it with some strings, beads, and pearls. Select a bunch of fresh red or pink roses, place them in the decorated vase, and put it at the centre of the table. Place two tall candles on both sides of the flowers vase. It is a better idea to select the pink or red color candles.

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    Place two clean  plates on both sides of the table and set one foil-wrapped heart candy on each plate. Tie the napkins with ribbons and place them on sides of the plates.

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    Take a Valentine-colored cloth (red) and sew it into different heart shapes. Now stuff each of the heart shape with batting and place them in a basket or a bowl. Place it in the center of your table.

  • 5

    Take the napkins and place them in unique and simple napkin rings, placing a real or a silk rose with the help of a holder. Set a small Cupid figurine near both plates and scatter Hershey's kisses around your nicely decorated table to enhance its beauty.

  • 6

    Make simple Valentine Day cards and stand the cards at the center of the table. Write special messages inside the card for your loved one to read after the superb date. Take a small rosebud in a tiny vase or a votive candle in a holder and place them next to both plates.

  • 7

    Your table decoration will be incomplete without the chairs. Decorate the chairs with  bow at the back of each chair.

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