Movie Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is a day when love is celebrated in all corners of the world in unison. While some spend the day amongst friends and family, others like to be with their love interests. Whether you’re in the former group of people or the latter, to spend the day watching movies is a great idea. This article will give you a list of movies, along with a brief description of how the story unravels in them. Either light a fire in the fireplace, and sit around with a hot mug of coffee while snuggling close to your loved one, or grab popcorns and watch the movie with your friends/family – this list will definitely make your Valentine’s Day a memorable movie-watching experience!


  • 1

    P.S I Love You, is based on the number 1 bestseller Irish Novel with the same name. It makes the audience laugh and cry at the same time for duration it lasts for. If you want a fusion of comedy with romance and tragedy, P.S I love you is a treat!

    Ps I Love You
  • 2

    When Harry Met Sally is a light romantic comedy that has some great dialogues, “It is so nice when you can sit with someone and not have to talk.” This sums up pretty much everything about what the movie has to offer.

    When Harry Met Sally
  • 3

    Pride and Prejudice is what you should watch if Jane Austin is your favourite author. The movie puts spotlight on the human nature and how Mr. Daracy (the hero) turns from a formal, ‘uptight’ person into a lover.

    Pride And Prejudice
  • 4

    Pretty Woman, starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere is 119 minutes of pure entertainment. Although, the story is themed around a typical plot, the two leads deliver amazing performances.

    Pretty Woman
  • 5

    Up offers what most animated movies do. A subtle message, heart-touching plot and a few laughs thrown here and there. It is ideal to watch with family/friends and your partner too.

  • 6

    The Notebook was released in 2004 and since then, it has won loyal fans all over. Ryan Gosling and Rachel Adams do justice to their characters that show the glamour of 1940’s in a heart-wrenching tale of love.

    The NoteBook
  • 7

    Casablanca is a melancholic classic that was released in 1942 which shows a cynical American expatriate who owns a nightclub and helps his ex-love to safely flee the country.

  • 8

    Shakespeare in Love breathes life in the love between Shakespeare himself and Lady Viola, showcasing how love can flourish even in a small span of time. It helps the audience imagine the motivation Shakespeare may have had behind his more romantic writing.

    Shakespeare in love
  • 9

    Tangled is inspired by the famous story titled Rapunzel. This heart-touching, sweet animated movie caters to the young and old alike!

  • 10

    Notting Hill is a quintessential romantic love story that finds its agony and ecstasy in how the characters have dealt with their close friendships in the face of their adverse reactions.

    Notting Hill
  • 11

    Crazy Stupid Love is a recent romantic comedy that throws entertaining twists with each fold of the plot which keeps its audience in constant fits of laughter.

    Crazy Stupid Love
  • 12

    While you were sleeping offers a fantastic performance by Sandra Bullock which lifts up the whole plot of the movie, albeit unfortunately, it offers the same old ingredients.

    While you were sleeping
  • 13

    Forgetting Sara Marshal has ample laughs to offer. This movie has been made by the same team behind the 40-year old virgin, guaranteeing a laughing fest.

    Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • 14

    No Strings Attached has a self explanatory name which defines the plot in which Ashton Kutcher plays the lead. Filled with romance, drama, comedy and heart-ache, this movie has everything to offer on Valentine’s Day.

    No Strings Attached
  • 15

    Serendipity is about a couple that reunites after a long time and realizes they share the same chemistry that they did before. Serendipity definitely does justice to its name in what it has to offer.

  • 16

    He’s just not into you is an inter-connecting story that deals with human behavior and how it works in many relationships that life has to offer, including friends.

    He's just not that into you
  • 17

    The Wedding Singer stars Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, the two legends that make any movie a pleasant entertainer. They’re both getting married, but to the wrong kind of people until fortune intervenes to change the tide towards an interesting point.

    The Wedding Singer
  • 18

    Never Been Kissed is another Drew Barrymore starer that sends a journalist back in highschool to write an article, where she falls in love with one of the teachers and vice versa.

    Never Been Kissed
  • 19

    The Proposal deals with a pushy boss who forces her young assistant to marry her. Sandra Bullock plays the boss and does justice to her role with grace and style, something that you wouldn’t want to miss witnessing this Valentine’s Day.

    The Proposal
  • 20

    How to lose a guy in 10 days is an engrossing entertainment that stars Kate Hudson and Mathew McConaughty, where both fight to prove a comical point.

    How to Lose a guy in 10 days

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