How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With a Long Distance Lover

Valentine’s Day holds great importance for those in love. Lovers around the world anxiously wait for this festival as it gives them an opportunity to express their love and concern for their loved ones. Gifts, Love letters, cards, candlelight dinner, fresh flowers, red roses, chocolates, photos, or special surprises can help the couples and partners feel connected. No doubt, there is no alternate for being together on this great occasion of love. However, the given below ideas how to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a long distance lover can somehow soothe that aching heart and make the miles seem less far away:


  • 1

    Plan a wakeup call

    Either you can plan wakeup call with the final tick of February 13, ensuring that the first word your partner hears on this great occasion is “I love you,” or “I miss you.”

  • 2

    Send a Valentine's Day card

    One of the very easy ways to show your love to your long distance partner is to send them a Valentine's Day card. You can simply post the card or if you are a busy person and do not have time to buy a card and to post it, you can take advantage of the variety of online cards. There are many useful sites like to provide you with a wide range of cards. They also offer a customization option so that you can edit the card according to your own choice.

  • 3

    Send a bouquet of flowers

    You can send a heart-touching bouquet of flowers or red roses to impress your partner. Search online and find out about the companies offering delivery service within the area where your lover lives. You can ask them to deliver the bouquet at his or her workplace get bonus points for the public display of your love and care towards your partner.

  • 4

    Send other gifts

    You can select a gift by keeping your partner’s personality in mind and post it. However, many companies offer a wide range of gifts and deliver them on your behalf. You can avail this unique service to give your partner a great surprise this Valentine’s Day.

  • 5

    Write a lover letter or a poem

    If you have the skills to convert your feelings into words of love, then write down a love letter or a beautiful poem as it is always appreciated in moments of sheer loneliness and longing for your loved ones.

  • 6

    Arrange for a singing Valentine

    Both men and women love surprises, no matter what they say. You can arrange for a singing Valentine to surprise your love at his or her workplace. For this purpose, you can search for "Singing Telegrams" or "Singing and Entertaining Telegrams" either online or in your lover’s local Yellow pages to book your order.

  • 7

    Schedule a phone date

    Do not forget to make the long-awaited telephone call before the Valentine’s Day is over, taking your time to say something sweet like how much you miss him/her or you can make a promise to visit him or her soon.

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