How to Use Valentine’s Day Symbols

There are many symbols associated with Valentine’s Day such as hearts, flowers and chocolates etc. You can use these symbols to get into the spirit of Valentine’s Day and convey your feelings to your loved one without having to use  a lot of words!


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    Hearts and flowers are widely recognised symbols of love, especially in traditional colours of red and white. Keeping this in mind, buy or make a Valentine’s Day card for your beloved and decorate it with beautifully drawn and coloured hearts. Go for a red and white theme. Also make sure that you fill the card with a romantic message, clearly conveying your feeling for your beloved so that they are left with no doubt about how much they mean to you.

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    Give your beloved a box of chocolates, preferably shaped like hearts. You do not have to go for the most expensive chocolates in the shop as long as they are of fair quality and nicely packaged.

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    A rose is one of the most widely recognised symbols of love and romance, and has been used for centuries by lovers to express their feelings. This particular flower has been associated with the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus. Pay a visit to the nearest flower shop and buy the most beautiful looking rose to give to your loved one. If you have some extra money to spare, buy an entire bouquet of roses instead of simply going for a single rose. Roses of different colours signify different things, with a red rose conveying the feeling of love, pink signifying happiness, white signifying purity, lilac conveying love at first sight and yellow signifying friendship.

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    Cupid, widely recognised as the Roman god of love, doves and other birds are also associated with the spirit of Valentine’s Day. According to legends, birds typically find their life-long companions on February 14, thus making them a symbol of Valentine’s Day. Cupid on the other hand, makes people fall in love using his bow and arrow. Consider including both the symbols on any card that you make or buy for your beloved.

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    Lace is associated with Valentine’s Day as women used to drop their laced handkerchief on the ground to get the attention of the person they had feelings for. They expected the object of their affection to step forward, pick up the handkerchief and hand it back to them. While dropping a handkerchief in modern times may be considered clumsy, you can still make use of lace by tying your gifts or hair with it.

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    Ribbons are also a symbol of Valentine’s Day as women used to give their ribbons to their lovers as mementos before the latter left for battle. Use them to decorate your house or any gift that you intend to give to your beloved.

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