How to Decorate for a Valentine’s Day Wedding

Valentine’s Day is one of the best romantic days to make your wedding a memorable one. It is the most wonderful occasion to express your love towards your partner. In case if you select Valentine’s Day for your wedding, it will provides you with a great opportunity to us to show our partner’s how much he or she truly mean to you. Keep it ion your mind the decoration on such important day of your life must reflect the romance of both the special day of your life and the event. By following the give below steps you can make your Valentine’s Day wedding an incredibly romantic that both of you will never forget.

Things you will need to decorate for a Valentine’s Day Wedding

Following given below are the things that you require in order to decorate for a Valentine’s Day wedding:

  • Candles
  • Candelabras
  • Red roses and other flowers
  • Red velvet bows
  • Cupids
  • Doves
  • Decorative cage for the doves


  • 1

    Decorate with candles

    Candles are the symbol of romance therefore you can use plenty of candles to show your love towards your partner in long run. The pillar candles in pink, red and white can be the breath-taking part of your wedding decor. Place candelabras right in front of the place where your hold your wedding ceremony and fill hose candelabras with colorful candles. Place some of the candles in windows as it gives an impressive look.

  • 2

    Include Roses

    Include bunch of roses to coordinate or contrast with the candle colors you have chosen. However, if you want to follow the wedding traditions then you can simply add red and pink flowers, as they are the most prevalent colors of Valentine's Day.

  • 3

    Attach bows to the chairs or pews

    Decorate the bows with red velvet and attach them to the chairs or the pews in order to enhance the romantic environment

  • 4

    Add cupids

    Include cupids in the decoration of wedding, which will automatically add to the elegance of your wedding site.

  • 5

    Arrange caged doves

    Doves are the symbol of love they will definitely add to your ceremony site on such a great occasion. Place the cages of doves on few sites of the wedding.

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