Valentine Craft Ideas for Toddlers

Toddlers, children between the ages of 1 and 2, are very sensitive and need special attention. Therefore, we must not forget them on a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. February 14 is all about your loved ones and it is an amazing opportunity to show your kids how much you love them. You can plan different activities for them, including different Valentine’s Day crafts. There are many crafts specially designed for kids, which are really easy and simple to make. You can also join your kids in craft making as it is fun and it shows your concern towards your children. They will love it for sure. Follow the given below step by step Valentine Craft ideas for Toddlers to make your children’s Valentine’s Day a memorable one:


  • 1

    Make a list of Craft materials

    Pick up a drafting pad and write down all the craft materials that come to your mind. Now, short-list those materials, which are used in making crafts for kids. You can put valentine-themed stickers, foam hearts, candy hearts, blank gift tags, gift bags, chart papers, glue sticks, scissors, glitters, colour pencils, finger paint, card stock, ribbons etc in your list.

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    Buy craft materials

    Buy the short-listed materials from your nearest market. However, do not forget to buy all the materials in Valentine’s Day theme, including red, pink and white colour. You can take advantage of the different discount offers by the craft suppliers on Valentine’s Day. Make sure to but quality products.

  • 3

    Craft projects

    Now arrange all the materials on the floor or a table whatever suit your kids. Ask your kids to join you in the craft activities.

    a- Distribute simple and undecorated cards among your children and ask them to decorate them. Your children can make beautiful Valentine’s Day card for you or for their teachers and friends. Help your children to decorate their cards with different Valentine’s Day stickers. They can also paste foam hearts with the help of a glue stick. Ask them to write a beautiful message inside the card with the help of glitters or different markers.

    b- Decorating valentine gift bags is another interesting craft activity for toddlers. Simply cut out hearts in different sizes and ask toddlers to past them on the Valentine’s Day gift. They can decorate the handle of the bags with multi-colour ribbons to give them a nice look.

    c- You can ask the toddlers to decorate different bookmarks with different pencil colours, markers, glitters or stickers. They can write a beautiful message or their name on the bookmarks.

    d- Ask the toddlers to dip their hands on different acrylic paints and make their handprints on different collages. They can also decorate photo collage with different paper cuttings.

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