How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Pet

Although most people would consider you to be a loner for wanting to spend valentine’s day with your pet, that doesn’t mean you can’t take something positive out of your predicament.

Consider yourself lucky to be single and spending some quality time with a pet, who probably loves you more than your ex.


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    Spending your first Valentine’s Day after a recent breakup is tough and would probably leave you with so many questions about yourself. However, Valentine’s Day is not the time for you to ponder over the reasons behind the demise of your relationship, as it should be your priority to pamper your pet.

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    Pampering a dog is easy; however, cats are problematic when it comes to giving them a bath, so you will have to dedicate a considerable amount of time for this right at the start of the day.

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    Yorkies are excellent dogs for this occasion, as you can tie a cute Valentine’s Day band on their head or neck. However, if you are a big dog lover then perhaps a red coloured neck band will be enough as Labradors and German Shepherds would look clumsy with a pink head band.

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    This is the day when you want your pet to smell really good, so use animal perfumes on your pet, but be sure that he/she is not allergic to any of the scents you plan to use.

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    Cleaning or painting your pets kennel or hut might be an excellent idea to make this day special for yourself and your pet. This will also generate curiosity in the animal.

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    Treat yourself and your pet by cooking something special. You can use dog biscuits to make  pie or any other treat for your dog.

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    With the food cooked and still some time left for dinner, you better take your pet for a walk. This is the best way to enjoy the outdoors, as you will practically have nothing on your mind and would be aiming to give your pet all the attention in the world.

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    After coming back home, have dinner, and then watch some TV or a movie with your pet by your side to cuddle.

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