How to Breed Labradors

Breeding Labradors is not as easy as many people assume it to be, when facing the facts you have to keep in mind that breeding top of the line high quality litters that meet up with the breeding standards will require a lot of time, patience, devotion to the breed and a hand full of dedication as well. You need to gain a lot of knowledge and experience in order to breed successfully. You can take advice from some Labrador breeding experts as well. We will guide you with all the basics of Labrador breeding and these are some words that you can’t ignore without reading these you can’t even think about breeding your Labradors.


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    Breeding your ‘’Dam’’ (female dog) on her first heat cycle is not what you want to do because it effects the development of your dam. So breeding your Labrador dam on her first heat cycle is a total NO! in order for the female to conceive healthy puppies you need to let her mature properly so avoid mating your dam on her first heat cycle let the first cycle pass. Also if you have a ‘’Sire’’ (Male dog) it would be a great idea to cage him because sires can be really eager at this stage and might end up hurting themselves and the dam. Take notes on the first and last days of mating.

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    You can judge if the dam is ready to mate by the following signs,

    - If the female shows a clear type of discharge leading to the bleeding and swelling of the vulva.

    - Look for signs like a flagging tail.

    - If she raises her tail and moves it aside exposing her vulva.

    The dam will stay in her conceiving period for 10 to 14 days during this time if the breeding takes place there are a good number of chances that the Dam will conceive.

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    Hold the Head of the Dam firmly straight when the Sire mounts her because the female can change her mind at any stage and turn on the Sire this will result in injuries; we would recommend that you muzzle the dam if she is not friendly with you in her cycle to avoid further injuries. The mating session will go from 10 to 40 minutes. For optimum results mate the couple every other day for a successful conceiving. Remember never to force the female to mate.

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    The Labrador dam will stay pregnant for 63 days if the days go beyond 63 consult a veterinarian as soon as possible. Feed the Dam with High quality wet/dry premium dog food add some calcium powder as well it will help her joints and her puppies to have strong bones as well. It is recommended that even before the female conceives you should increase the quality and quantity of her food this will help her in the nutrition of her puppies.

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    There will be enormous changes in her behavior during the pregnancy period and the Dam’s expectations from her owner increase as well she might demand more affection and attention from her owner and also some gentle cuddling. Remember that your Dam will be closely attached to you in this phase. Increase in her food intake and vomiting in the start of the pregnancy are normal so don’t panic. Give her a comfortable place because in the later stages of her pregnancy she might be looking for a secure place to deliver her young. Dams can be really attached to their owners. Labradors are known to wait for their owners to be beside them before they start delivery of the puppies in certain cases some mother Labradors have delayed their delivery until their owners get home.

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    Now the final stage is set and your Labrador is about give birth to her new puppies keep a warm cloth with you handy and your cell phone in case of any emergency make sure that the place is comfortable enough for the dam to move around. Call your vet and tell him to be on standby for the check up of the Dams litter.

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