How to Breed Earthworms for Fishing

Despite inventions of commercial fish baiting products and other methods including dough and breadcrumbs, earthworms remain the most successful and popular trick for fishermen. These juicy species are regarded by fish as fine cuisine and can be counted upon to attract them towards the waiting rod. Earthworms are as important to a true fisherman as the fishing rod itself. So your first instinct is to go out early in the morning and look for some worms under the compost heap on a fishing day. How unreliable is that. You can breed your own earthworms and make sure that you are always in supply whenever you feel like fishing. It will also make sure that the success rate of your fishing endeavors  is higher than before. Breeding earthworms is really easy and these helpful creatures do not take much time in multiplying and are also not very demanding. You might just turn it into a business plan and start selling them on premium prices.

Things Required:

– 100 worms
– Soil
– Organic matter
– 1 pound cornmeal
– 1/2 pound shortening
– Burlap or strips of wood
– Water


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    The first step is to find out a container where you can breed and keep the worms. Anything that is two feet deep will do. It can be an old rust free metal tub or any plastic container. You do not have to look outside the home for this requirement. Now make a small drainage hole in the bottom of the surface. This hole will allow any extra water to discharge. Raise the containers high on four bricks.

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    Add soil to the container. However, do it loosely and do not pack it down. Fill soil up to eight inches.Prefer rich dark soil with a lot of organic matter over the sandy type.

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    Add worms:

    To this soil add the organic matter. Mix in the corn meal and shortening at this point. Now that you have prepared the soil, add worms to it. Top up with the damp burlap sheet  and any leaves.

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    Caring for worms:

    Return to the worms after a month. Add to the soil mixture a pound of cornmeal and a half pound of vegetable shortening. This will keep the soil fertile for breeding. Add a quart of water to the mixture. Do this regularly after every four weeks.

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    When you want to harvest the worms for use in fishing, remove just the top layer of the soil in to a bucket. Wait for a couple of hours and then shift back the soil to the container, slowly and carefully. The worms will have shifted to the bottom of the container. Make sure you leave enough worms in the container to breed further.

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