How to Breed Minnows for Bait

Minnows are small fish and people raise them at their home aquariums or water tanks for various purposes. Many people breed minnows as a hobby while many make it their business. There are also many fishermen who use minnows for bait and catch fish in the sea or river. These fishermen breed minnows in large quantity at their home aquariums that fulfils their purpose of using these minnows as baits for trapping big fish. However, breeding minnows require certain things that need your attention if you want to breed minnows for bait.

For breeding minnows for bait is something easy for many people who know how to make the breeding process more productive. They always get desired outcome from breeding minnows because they do not ignore any step that contributes in generating positive results. But there are also many people who do not put all things into proper order and end up in failure. If you are a fisherman and want to breed minnows for bait then you can have guidance from this post which will help you in making all preparation for breeding minnows.


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    First of all, you should decide how much quantity of minnows you want for your fishing purpose. Usually a 50-gallon tank accommodates 100 fish for almost six months. If you want bigger quantity, then you should consider making a big pool.

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    Before putting minnows into the tank, you need to place clay pots or some other rocks where the fish will lay eggs. It creates a natural environment and is helpful for breeding minnows.

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    After that, you should fill the tank with filtered or non-chlorinated water because it is the most suitable for minnows. Minnows will die if you put chlorine into the water.

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    For providing the required amount of oxygen to minnows you should add an aerator to your water tank which will make the fish comfortable in breathing.

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    Now the tank is ready and you should put minnows into this non-chlorinated water. Make sure you keep the temperature of the tank suitable for minnows.

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    Dip minnow into the water but do not release them from the bag immediately until they get familiar with the water. This process can take almost 10 minutes.

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    Food is an important factor that plays a vital role in breeding minnows. You should provide the fish with commercial fish flakes at least twice a day which will help them in getting strength required for breeding.

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