How to Breed a Blue-Nose Pitbull

The blue-nose Pitbull is a highly rare, valuable and powerful species of dogs. Breeding them is not as easy as it with other dogs. If you own a blue-nosed Pitbull, you should not only look for a Pitbull mate with a blue nose, but also consider its health, athleticism, beauty, ability, agility and temperament. You also need to carry out the breeding process with utmost care in order to make it successful.


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    Let the Pit-bull reach the age of 2 years before you plan to breed it. If you force the matter and make the Pitbull mate before its actual time, the effort can be futile. At that age, there are chances that your Pitbull is physically not ready to breed a litter of puppies.

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    Visit a good veterinarian and get your Pitbull a thorough physical checkup. Get his joints x-rayed and obtain a clearance from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animal. Also get its eyes and thyroid levels checked. You might also be interested in carrying out further tests.

    In males, check whether its penis, prostate and testicles do not have any abnormalities. Dogs are prone to different diseases, therefore carry out tests for parasites and other infections in the dog’s body.

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    After you have certification from the Foundation of Animals, you can seek a possible mate for your blue nosed Pitbull. Consult an experienced Pitbull breeder for advice. You will get to know a lot of things from him. If you are not satisfied by the local dogs, you can get your Pitbull artificially inseminated.

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    Observe both the dogs when the mating is taking place. If there are any signs of aggression from either of the dogs, separate them.

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    After the dogs have mated, consult a veterinarian again and get the pregnancy tests done. If you encounter any bad news, do not be disappointed, follow the same procedure again.

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