How to Breed Guppies with Mollies

Raising fish at your home is one of the most exciting things that people do to pursue their hobby. There are countless types of fish that you can keep and breed at the aquarium at your home. The guppies and mollies are the one of the most beautiful fish species and people always love to keep and breed them at home. It becomes fascinating when a huge number of tiny guppies and mollies move around in your aquarium. This colourful fish always grab attention of people and you become happy with the response of your visitors. However, guppies and mollies always require care and you cannot raise them at home without taking care of the environment that they require.

However, many people want to breed guppies with mollies at their home aquarium. Breeding is not a big issue but requires certain things that are required to make the process smooth and productive. If you want to breed guppies with mollies at your home aquarium then you have to get knowledge of how to do it properly. If you are unaware of how to breed guppies with mollies then you should continue reading this post which will give you a basic idea about what are the requirements and how can you make the breeding process smooth.


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    First of all, you need to bring four or more females and one male fish and put them in your aquarium and its capacity should between 10 to 20 gallons of water. The males are more colours and are also a bit smaller as compared to females.

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    Temperature is the most important thing that you should pay attention to. Try to provide almost 70 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit temperature and also do not ignore changing the water once in a week.

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    The breeding process usually takes a few days and almost three to four weeks are required to see tiny fish, also called fry, appearing in front of you in the aquarium.

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    Immediately remove the adult females and male from the aquarium and put them in another tank. If you do not remove the adults, it is more likely that they will eat the tine fry whenever they become hungry.

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    Do not forget to provide food to the fry daily and it should be micro worms, crushed fish flakes and newly hatched brine shrimp. In order to keep the fry healthy, you should change the water at least twice a week.

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    Adding floating plants in the aquarium of fry enable these tiny guppies and mollies to move comfortable in a natural environment which is essential for their growth.

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