How to Breed Californian Rabbits

The Californian rabbits are a genetic cross made between the Himalayan and the Chinchilla rabbit breeds. They were developed by George west back in the 1920’s and since then have become one of the favorite rabbit breeds due to their fur quality and meat quantity. These creatures are simply adorable to be kept as pets because of their all white fur with black  marks on the feet, nose, tails and ears.  They can also be bred as a source of food for the family. Rabbit meat makes delicious meals and can be used to treat both family and friends on a special supper. With all these qualities, its hard not to want more of them. Our step by step guide is going to help your breed Californian rabbits so that you have ample of them for whatever purpose you have in mind.

Things Required:

– 1 California rabbit buck
– 1 California rabbit doe
– 1 cage
– Nest
– Straw/hay
– Nest box
– Wood chips
– Thick handling gloves


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    The first step is to find a perfect doe and buck to mate. They should be healthy according to size and weight. You can only breed a doe after its 8 months old and a buck after its 9 months old.

    If you have Californian rabbits of your own, take a couple out. If you are starting afresh, then you can the pair from a pet shop or from friends who own rabbits.

    To check if the doe is ready to breed, check its vent area. It is above the anus. If it is of dark pink or red color, it means your doe is ready to mate and breed.

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    Take a cage and place the buck in. After the buck has settled in, place the doe in. Follow the rule of always placing the doe after the buck. Wear your protection gloves. You might need to assist the couple find the right mating positions.

    Mate the couple again in the next couple of days so that you can be sure that fertilization has happened.

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    Check the doe for pregnancy twelve days after the mating. Rub a hand over her cervical area. If you feel little kids, the doe is pregnant. if not, you might have to mate them again.

    Prepare a box with the base covered with straw, bedding and hay. Place the doe in it. Provide the doe with ample hay to consume.

    Be with the doe around the birth and take care of the kits so that they survive and grow well. The kits should be kept near to the mother. Promptly remove any dead kit from the bedding before they create any rotting problems. You now have  a whole family of Californian rabbits.

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