How to Breed Flemish Giants

Those people who love pets always love Flemish giants, a type of rabbits which is very strong as compared to other rabbits, because these rabbits are friendly and are easy to keep at home. Usually the weight of a Flemish giant is 13 lbs which becomes even more after fully growing up. The most important feature that grabs attention of people is that these rabbits have a rich array of colours including grey, sandy, blue, steel, white, fawn and black. These lovely rabbits are very solid and you can grow them up very easily at your home. These rabbits are wonderful pets as they are harmless even for children. The male rabbits are called bucks and females are known as does.

However, you have to take care of Flemish giants if you want to breed them. Although it is not difficult at all as they breed easily and freely but you have to take care of certain things in this regard. Many people fail to control the Flemish giants and end up in creating a mess in their homes. If you also have a couple of Flemish giants and want to breed them then keep reading this article which will help you getting a basic idea of how to do it easily.


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    First and most important thing that you should do is that keep the doe and buck in two different cages which will help you control the unwanted breeding at your home.

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    You should transfer the doe into the cage of buck when you want them to breed. Make sure that you have noticed the signs that the doe is ready for mating. You can observe when she raises her bottom.

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    Now wait until the buck mounts on the doe. When he dismounts, immediately take the doe to her cage. Make sure do not let the doe stay in buck’s cage as they will start frequent mating.

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    Count the time and bring the doe to buck’s cage for the second time with a gap of almost six hours. It will make you sure that breeding is successful. Do not forget to put doe back into her cage.

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    You need to build a nest for the doe on the 29th day after breeding as the 31st is the due date. Make sure you purchase a nesting box which is comfortable and appropriate in size.

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