How to Breed Broiler Birds

Breeding broiler birds is undoubtedly a challenging task. And it becomes even more challenging, if you don’t know the proper method. Raising broiler birds or chickens is a very profitable business. But even a slight mistake could make things really tricky.

Growing broiler birds needs patience, dedication and plenty of hard work. You may have seen hundreds of birds dying due to unknown reasons at the poultry forms.

One needs to be very careful about the feed of the birds. In the meantime, proper measures must be taken to avoid any health issues. The broiler chickens are usually bred for size. Those who raise chicken for size make them eat too much and as a result, a full size chicken fails to mate.

When it comes to breeding, a very different strategy needs to be adopted. The trick is cutting back on feed. The chickens may not like this and could become aggressive. But you don’t need to give in, because you are not actually starving them.


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    The first step is to get the young chicks, preferably a few days old. Without wasting any time, you need to put the birds on a limited feed diet.

    Picking up older chicks is not the best idea. Instead of getting older chicks, try to purchase eggs and get baby chicks in order to put them on a controlled diet form the very first day.

    A restricted-feed program is the most important step. The heavy diet will eventually make the birds clumsy. As a result, the hens get extra fat around the reproductive organs, and this makes it very tough for them to lay an egg.

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    Don’t put the breeding birds together with the normal ones. In order to keep a check on their eating habits, it is always better to make a separate shed for them. Their feed must be limited, but there is no need to make them starve. Make sure the birds eat at least once a day.

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    For every 10 to 12 hens, keep only one rooster. Unlike the typical broiler birds, the breeding birds take more time to be ready. Usually, the breeding birds take 22-25 weeks to mature.  One rooster is good enough for a dozen hens, producing nearly 1000 chicks a year.

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