How to Breed Peafowl

Some breed peafowl as a hobby while others breed peafowl as a means to make money. Regardless of the purpose for which you are planning to breed peafowl, you need to take certain mandatory measure to ensure that they are well looked after.


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    Ensuring that the peafowl will be safe from predators such as foxes, raccoons and dogs is something you need to do before you start breeding peafowl. Build a safety nest for this purpose by bordering a fairly large open space with iron mesh. The mesh fence should be at least 10 feet high on all sides to make sure that predators cannot jump over it. Do not cut the grass in the area even if it grows fairly tall. In the middle of the fenced area, make a shelter for the peafowl and fill it with hay, straw or other similar materials.

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    At the start, breed mature peafowl. One healthy and mature peacock is good enough to be mated with five peahens, but the number of eggs a peacock can fertilise varies from peacock to peacock. So to start off things, set free one peacock and five peahens in the safety nest.

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    Peahens need about two years to reach breeding maturity. After two years, starting from April each year, peahens lay eggs after mating with peacocks. Each peahen will lay about ten eggs each year if you let the peahen hatch its own eggs. However, if you take away the eggs to an incubator for hatching, each peahen can lay up to thirty eggs as it tries to replace the eggs you removed for artificial hatching.

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    While feeding peacocks, remember that they are relatives of the pheasant. Medicated starter feed should be given to chicks for at least for six months after they hatch. For the next six months, use game-bird grower feed. Game-bird maintenance feed should be fed until the yearling reach breeding maturity.

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    Proper housing for peafowl is very important, especially for chicks. For the first two or three months, keep the newly hatched chicks in brooders. Afterwards, move them to flight pens. Make sure flight pens for breeding peafowl allow space for the mating peacock’s large train.

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    If you are breeding peafowl for business purposes, sell the peacocks at a peafowl vendor to make money.

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