How to Breed Blue-Fronted Amazons

If you are looking for a parrot that can really talk than the Blue-fronted Amazon is one of the best in that specific category. Due to its ability to easily learn a large variety of vocabulary in basically any language, it separates it from other parrots and can also speak with unmatchable clarity.

With a long lifespan that may last up to 80 years or even more, they become more and more intelligent with time and grow close to their owners. They are also much easier to breed in captivity as compared to other species, but are still endangered in the world, making their breeding even more important.

Things Required:

– Nest Box
– Aviary
– Stainless Food and Water Bowl (2-3)
– Soft Grass
– Coarse Grass
– Feathers
– Coconut Fibres
– Vegetables
– Fruits
– Cottage Cheese
– Eggs and Cheese chunks


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    Take Care of the Female

    Due to the male being extremely vicious when confined to small spaces with other Blue-Fronted Amazons, the two should be kept separated normally and when breeding is a need, both should be kept in a larger cage to accommodate their needs.

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    Keep Attachment Issues in Mind

    Blue-Fronted Amazons are special parrots and do not breed with just any one of their kind. They look for that special someone and may be choosy about who it is most of the time. Confirming their gender is the first step, because both male and female Blue-Fronted Amazons look the same.

    Even though both may live together, breeding may not be something they ever do, but if done, the couple should be kept together forever because it will be a lifelong thing between them.

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    Area and Feed is Key

    A large nest box is extremely important for the parrots and should be at least 40 inches in height and 14 inches in width. All of the grass, feathers and other fibres should be placed inside to provide a comfortable living space for the parrot.

    Fruits and vegetables are key to helping them maintain a proper diet along with cheese and eggs along with enough water on a daily basis.

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    Breeding Time

    Breeding season for the bird is usually kicked off in April or May and may last till June depending on the couple. The Blue-Fronted Amazon is able to breed when reaching the age of three but four is recommended. Incubation of the eggs may take anywhere from 25-30 days and can be two to four at one time.

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