How to Breed Pygmy Goats

Raising animals for food and meat is a common thing for countless people all over the world. These people raise and breed animals for business purposes but there are some people who do it just as a hobby. Pigmy goats are the smallest type of goats which are also called dwarf goats and these are normally kept as pets. However, many people also look after pigmy goats for getting milk and meat. Keeping pigmy goats is not difficult at all as they are very friendly and can be raised on a small piece of land.

However, many people breed pigmy goats and for that purpose you have to take care of certain things in order to get desired objective. It is quite easy to breed pigmy goats whether you take is as a hobby or make it a business. There are people who fail to get desired results because they do not fulfil certain requirements. If you also want to breed pigmy goats at your home or farm house, then you can take guidance from this post which will let you know the basics of breeding pigmy goats in an easy way.


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    While purchasing a female pigmy goat, which is also called doe, make sure it is not less than seven years of age. If it is, then you are wasting your time as it will breed after reaching to seven.

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    Buy a male pigmy goat, also called buck, and make sure it is between two to three months of age. Normally, the age of bucks is half as compared to the age of does which is perfect for mating.

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    However, it is not necessary that you buy a buck that is two to three months old. You can buy 6 or 7 months old buck if it is healthy. But make sure it is suitable for the doe.

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    You should keep observing when your doe becomes fertile, which is necessary for breeding. You can judge it by observing the mucus discharge from doe’s back. When does become fertile, they usually try to mount on other goats and also show exciting behaviour when bucks are around.

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    When you see that doe is fertile, then put her with the buck in a small quarter or let them graze in a small pasture. It is quite essential for getting good results as they will start mating in a few hours.

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