How to Breed Crested Geckos

People always have different hobbies and keeping pets is one of the most common one throughout the world. Different people like different kind of animals and birds that are usually harmless and are easy to keep. Many people like breeding pet animals at their homes and take all measures in this regard. Breeding the crested geckos also require certain steps to be taken. This small lizard is not difficult to breed at home but people should take care of many things which are required to produce desired results.

Many people fail to keep the crested geckos healthy for mating as they fail to look after them and end up in wasting the time and money. However, if you take certain measure and put things in order, which is not difficult at all, you can get the desired results without facing any problem. If you want to breed crested geckos at your home then do not ignore anything required for the breeding. However, you can take help from this article if you do not know how to breed crested geckos at home.


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    First of all, you should put five females and one male crested gecko in an aquarium. This is the most appropriate number of females for one male and the most traditional group for breeding.

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    Make sure you have purchased the male crested gecko not less than 9 months of age. The age of female crested geckos should be between 12 to 14 months.

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    Temperature is the most important element that plays a vital role in normal breeding. Make sure the temperature of the aquarium is between 75 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit at the day time and not less than 70 degrees at night.

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    Always mist the aquarium at least twice on a daily basis in order to keep the habitat of crested geckos moist which is very helpful in breeding.

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    You should feed the crested geckos with crickets dusted with vitamin D3 and calcium power and also with gut-loaded insects which will help in keeping the breeding healthy.

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    Now put an egg laying container into the aquarium and make sure that it is lined with the loose substrate in aquarium because the female crested geckos will lay eggs in this material.

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    Do not forget to remove the eggs immediately and keep them in lidded container which is lined with moist substrate. The wait with patience as the hatching process usually takes 70 to 80 days.

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