How to Breed a Dairy Goat

Many people keep goats on their farms. Goats can give a higher yield of milk should they remain healthy and properly fed. Goat’s milk is an essential source of health. So if you decide to breed a dairy goat then there are some important things that you should know before starting. You must  remember that in order to be successful, the goats must be able to feel comfortable so that they can give good yields of milk. One of the main rules to follow is that an animal does not like being alone.

Things Required:

– Hay
– Silage
– Roots
– Bran cereal
– Waste
– Birch brooms
– Turnip
– Chalk and-bone meal
– Salt


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    Newborn kids should adapt to breastfeeding by the mother and after a month you can feed them milk from a bottle through a nipple and they gradually become accustomed to drinking milk from the container. With a container you should start feeding as soon as the goat learns to stand on their feet. To do this, they are given a bowl and try to feed them 3-4 times a day or about 250 ml of milk. It is very important that your goats are properly fed and taken care if you want to breed and get a good milk yield from them.

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    From two to three weeks impose juicy hay, bran mash and eliminate grazing on fresh grass. In four months, kids transferred to the common herd and feed as well as the adult goats. Up to four months is a must, in addition to food you should give 750 ml of milk divided into portions. This is a crucial stage in development of your goats. By giving bran mash and hay should increase their growth and stamina. The overall health of the goats will increase during this stage.

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    Diet of adult goats has to be very diverse, especially in autumn and winter. Summer staple food should be fresh grass grazing. It is a good idea to allow your goats to graze so that they not only get some fresh air but also get different types of things to eat. This will increase the health of the goats and help in their overall development.

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    In the winter period, the diet of a goat should be not less than 2 kg, turnips - 4 kg, birch twigs - 1 kg, a pound of bran, 2 oz. salt, 15 ml of chalk and bone meal. Also, give them silo but check if it is correctly made, properly stored and does not have a putrid smell. Maintaining your goats in the winter is very important as they will require some extra care as compared to the summer months. Carefully control their diet and make sure that each goat is being properly fed and cared for.

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    Goats are very clean animals and if the feeders or drinkers are dirty, they will refuse to eat. Therefore, after each feeding all uneaten food should be cleaned out, feeders and watering devices need to be thoroughly cleaned. Feed the goats three times a day and strictly follow a pattern or routine to provide them food in a timely manner. Be sure to give them grain mash and shredded roots.

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