How to Breed Yorkies Dogs

If you adore small dogs then Yorkies may just attract you. These dogs are cute, playful and excellent indoor pets. For breeding them you simply need to keep some steps in mind.


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    If you are planning to breed Yorkies, the first thing is to be sure that you have a female who is healthy enough to be bred. Unfortunately, Yorkies are prone to different genetic diseases which include luxating patellas, hydrocephalus, and hypoglycemia. It is recommended that you have a vet take a look at your female for any genetic defects. You should only breed your female if she is perfectly fit and healthy.

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    You have to select a perfect male, as a stud with defects will also be a liability. There are different sizes of Yorkies, so you should select a male with the same size as your female.

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    You need to keep an eye on the heat cycle of your female, as it will be crucial in breeding her. Mostly Yorkies females are ready to breed ten to fifteen days into their cycle.

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    Put your female and male together to give them some time to get familiar with each other. During the breeding process, the dogs may try to separate themselves during the tie, and injure themselves in the process, so it is better that you keep a close eye on them.

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    Once the breeding process ends, you now need to get your female evaluated by a vet. It is then the responsibility of the vet to watch over your female with regular checkups during her pregnancy. This will help him keep a track of how many pups she will be having.

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    You need to prepare a small whelping box with heating pads and clean blankets weeks before your female is due. The upcoming babies will be vulnerable to harsh whether so a heating pad is vital. It is important that you place the female in the whelming box, so that she feels comfortable and wants to give birth there. If she is not acclimatised to the box, she will not want to give birth there.

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    For most dogs, gestation is almost sixty three days so you need to plan ahead by keeping a close eye on your female. Note her temperature and remember it will drop within a day after giving birth.

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    It is suggested that you allow your female to give birth to the puppies on her own. Labour should take something around twenty to thirty minutes. Still you need to have a vet there so to take care of any complications that may arise.

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