How to Breed Donkeys

In rural economies, donkey has a greater role to play. It is used for plowing, water-fetching from a well, and transportation of both people and goods. It is also used in some urban markets for the purpose of transportation of goods and people. Some countries even organize donkey cart races, which as another lighter use of the animal.

So, the animal has been a part of human life and benefit historically and breeding it is a profitable business. You can breed donkeys either in a farm or at home, especially if you live an a rural setting, and somehow animal is in your use. Even if it is not in your use, you can breed it to sell it to others people and areas, where it is in great demand.

Breeding donkeys is almost similar to breeding of any other animal, although its benefits are very different altogether. It needs a step by step plan and proper care to breed donkeys, and the effort is worth made when it fetches you some money at the time it sold.


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    Find a Jennet

    Start with finding a good quality female donkey called Jennet. A minimum recommended age for a Jennet for breeding purpose is three years. Less than three is strictly discouraged and when you look for the animal ask the Jennet's age to make sure the animal is three years old. There is no maximum age limit for the animal but ideally the best animal to breed is between three and five years of age.

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    A Need for Jack

    Either you can buy the male donkey - jack- of your own or can  bring it from a nearby farm provided the person agrees it. Another option is that leave the jennet at the farm when you judge the animal is near breeding.

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    Know When Jennet Nears Breeding

    You can ask for information from your local veterinary about the indicators when Jennet is ready to be bred. A general sign is that she chews her mouth like a gum chewing and urine in a different manner. It is time to leave her out with Jack outside unless you want to get her bred at your animal yard.

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    Health Inspection

    When you judge the animal is heated for breeding, call local veterinary to get inspected health of jennet and jack. It is essential as in case of any disease breeding can harm the animal. So once they are cleared for breed you can get jennet bred.

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