How to Breed Miniature Schnauzers

Miniature dogs are amongst the most popular dogs to be bred, in order for more people to be able to adopt them as pets and keep them at home.

The Miniature Schnauzers is the most popular type of Schnauzer out there. The dog was initially bred into existence, in order for it to act as a guard dog. These dogs weren’t created to protect against bigger hostile threats, but for them to be able to spot and kill rodents, and to inform their owners about any other threats that existed.

Many consider the Miniature Schnauzers to be one of the best dogs to come into existence from Germany.

However, as is the case with miniature dogs, these dogs tend to be prone to illnesses, which is something that should be looked into while breeding them.


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    Run a checkup

    Before you end up selecting the dogs that you want to breed, you need to get both of them checked out by a vet. The vet will be able to determine if there are any problems with the dogs, and if they happen to have any genetic problems.

    At the same time they will also be able to determine if the dogs will be able to breed successfully, which is something you need to know in order to go ahead with the whole process.

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    Develop mentality

    Don’t rush your dog into breeding with other dogs. You need to give the dog some time, in order for it to mentally want to reproduce. With miniature Schnauzers it tends to take as many as eighteen months before they finally realize that they need to breed.

    For this very reason take your time and avoid rushing your dog into doing anything.

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    Check vaccinations on dogs

    Make sure that both the dogs have gotten their vaccination shots and are good to breed. The female is more important in this case, since the female could easily pass any diseases and germs to the puppies that might be born later on.

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    Opt to have one experienced dog

    Out of the two dogs that are going to be breeding, it is smarter to have one that has already participated in the breeding activities in the past. This is because if both the dogs are new to it, they might not know what to do and it could end up with nothing happening in the end.

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