How to Breed Pet Squirrels

Many people around the world love different pets and breed them at their homes and farmhouses. Pet squirrel is a lovely animal and its breeding is easy that is why a huge number of people breed it all over the world in their homes. There are different types of squirrels including the Douglas squirrel, Fox squirrel, American black and red squirrel, Eastern and Western grey squirrel etc. These squirrels usually eat only those types of food that contain carbohydrates, fats and proteins including plant food, tree buds, fruits, fungi, nuts and insects etc.

Breeding pet squirrels always require you to fulfil certain requirements especially space. Those people fail to breed pet squirrels who do not provide a natural environment to these squirrels. Natural environment is the basic and most important element to breed pet squirrels at home because this tender little animal cannot live without a natural habitat. So, if you love to breed pet squirrels in your home then you have to take care all of these things. If you are confused about how to breed pet squirrels then read this article which reveals many basic steps that you should take in this regard.


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    First of all, you should build a large habitat in your home for the pet squirrels. Try to build it in the lawn of your home which will provide a natural environment. If you are planning to breed the pets indoor then you should buy a cage but make sure that you provide them natural environment.

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    Try to grow trees and other plants in the surroundings which will help in creating a natural environment for pet squirrels. Provide these squirrels shelter in the cage which could help them to take rest without having fear of outsiders.

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    If the cage is 20 by 15, then try to bring limited number of squirrels which should be no more than five. Breeding more squirrels will make the cage over populated which can affect the natural environment.

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    Feed them in such bowls which are made of stainless steel, ceramic or glass. Make sure that these bowls are not made of plastic as they usually chew plastic.

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    Usually squirrels have two breeding seasons and make sure you have prepared nest for them during these seasons. Also take care of the size of the nests which should not be small.

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    Be patient for almost 30 to 35 days as this period is usually required for the squirrel’s gestation. All types of squirrels take similar amount of time during gestation.

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