How to Breed Pitbulls

The history of this mighty breed dates back over 150 years back. The breed, which in part created the current pit-bull of today, was the bulldog. Back in the time bulldogs were agile and muscular dogs, very reminiscent of today’s pit bulls. In many American history books this breed was just called the Bulldog. However, most sources did not confirm this theory, since there is evidence that the pit bull is a cross between a bulldog and some other terrier breeds. The reason for crossing these breeds was to get the perfect dog that could fight, that is the connection of strength and resistance to pain of the bulldogs were crossed with the terrier’s fierceness and speed. Thus the Pit-bulls were created; today’s Pit Bull Terriers are loyal and affectionate pets. Properly breed pit bulls are stable and tolerant animals they show a kind and gentle behavior toward humans, but the proper rearing of these majestic animals requires a systematic approach.


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    Make sure there is a pit bull that will be suitable for breeding. Ideally, you will have the United Kennel Club registered animal with verification rates and return. This will help ensure that the dog does not have a genetic predisposition for any mood or physical deformities that will prevent reproduction. Pit bull dogs are usually strong, however, they may be prone to hip dysplasia in some inexperienced bred pits.

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    Make sure that the Pit bull that you intend to mate your dog with is pedigreed from a top line, both of the Dam and Sire have to be ‘’UKC’’ United kennel club registered if you are looking for some show quality puppies. Check both of the dogs for any medical illnesses before you plan to mate them. Be around the Dog that you plan to mate your dam with, this will give you a clear picture of his temperament and pray drive remember that if the Sire is confident and calm that is a good sign but if the dog appears, nervous or skittish around strangers you should consider mating your dam with some other well bred dog.

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    Once you have assessed the Sire now it is time to let the two meet introduce the sire to the dam. Remember to be alert during the introduction this is a very sensitive time period and anything can go wrong experienced supervision is mandatory. Pitbulls are bred to fight there is a huge chance that they can end up crampling each other. Pitbulls don’t need a reason to fight they can just blow out and fight without any warning so be cautious. Always keep a bite stick at hand in case of an erupted fight.

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    The Sire and the Dam should be allowed to breed often everyday would be fine, but STOP! When the female has conceived, the time in which the female can become pregnant all varies on the Sire and Dam it can take the Dam a couple of hours to conceive or maybe days. However it has been proved that mating the couple twice after one days gap gets the job done successfully.

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    Once the Dam has conceived shift her to a comfortable and secure environment and the sire should be separated away to ensure they do not fight or cause any harm to the puppies.

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