How to Start a Dogs Breeding Business

If you love dogs, have them as pets and have got immense knowledge regarding their breeds, then this is the business for you to step in. This will be fun and rewarding for you at the same time.

Dogs have that “scent”, and you need to be okay with it if you are planning to jump in this business. And since it requires breeding, you need to be prepared to handle the mating and birthing of the animals – a process which can be “icky” at times.

You are required to have patience, as breeding dogs takes hard work and commitment.


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    Before beginning, you need to do research regarding which breeds are in demand and what will it cost you to get purebred dogs to mate.

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    Once you know which breeds you would be selling, it is time to check your finances. You just cannot start a business without enough capital in your account. Remember dogs are expensive to buy and keep, so this is going to cost perhaps a bit more than any other home based business.

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    It would be best to establish your kennel where people aren’t bothered by the barking of dogs, as this could cause you problems if your neighbours lodge a complaint against you for destroying their peace.

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    Once you have finalised the location, it is time to setup a kennel. You will require a nursery for the puppies. Keep in mind that the whelping box needs to be dry, draft-free and warm. The box has to be big enough for the mother to be able to move freely with the puppies on the sides.

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    It is a common practice among breeders to buy two foundation females and choose another breeder’s male dog for mating. These males are often called sires and it will be wise of you to choose an alpha male who will subdue your female’s weaknesses. This will increase the chances of getting a perfect puppy.

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    You will need a veterinarian to monitor the dam during the time of her pregnancy to help with the specifics as you alone might face some difficulties.

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