Create SEO Based Title for a Web Page

A web page’s title determines user interest on one hand and entertains search engines on the other. If you want pages on your website to rank well in search engines, the titles of your pages must be based on SEO (search enginge optimization) guidelines.

A web page’s title, if written according to SEO standards, helps in occupying top positions in SERPs, because title of the page is first read by the search engine bot. Writing SEO based titles needs some research and attention, because a single mistake can cause issues like a search engine penalty and decline in rankings.

So if you are planning to create SEO based titles for your content, the information in this StepbyStep guide will be very useful to you.


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    Uniqueness: Title should be unique for each page created throughout the site. Duplicate titles can cause de-indexing as search engines consider sites with duplicate titles as content farms. Make sure that your titles are different by rewording or making fresh titles for articles that might be similar in nature.

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    Meaningfulness: Title should be meaningful, so you maintain users’ interest along with entertaining search engines. A meaningful title should attract the attention of the reader and entice him or her to click and read the article or content. The title should be relevant to the actual content so that the reader does not feel that they are wasting their time by reading your work.

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    Keywords in Title: Keyword should exist in the title, preferably in the beginning. In order to find the right keywords, use Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Word Tracker and Word Stream etc. Keywords are very important as they are representative of the actual content or related content. Having the right or correct keywords in the title is of the utmost importance.

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    Length of the title: Ideally it should be 65 characters (including spaces). This is because the search engines truncate the characters beyond this limit. Be sure to follow this guideline otherwise you will be wasting your time with large titles that are not even being indexed by the search bot.

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    Get Help: You can always get some help by those experienced in SEO and understand how this whole system works. He or she will be in a good position to guide you on how to write the perfect titles for your web site. You can also go online and find a whole host of different forums and websites that deal with SEO.

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