How to Apply for a Blog Job

The competition for any writing job in the market is very tough but it is even tougher if the jobs is about writing on a blog. It attracts a lot more applications from those who prefer the writing job while sitting at home. For example, for a single parent it is the one of the best jobs he/she can dream of. They can write on the topic of their interest with an ease of time. The innovation of information technology and availability of tablets has made doing of the job even on the move.

It does not mean you should not apply for a blog job. It however requires you to be more competitive and efficient to grab an opportunity among a flood of candidates. It is very much possible that you are the only selection in a hundred of applications, and this will reflect on your capabilities for writing and efficiency apply for the job. This can be done in step by step implementation of a plan.


  • 1

    Apply Quickly

    When you apply for a blog job, you should have a belief that you are the first applicant. It may be a hundred applicants have lined up before you, but you should act quickly. Remember it is an information technology age and a leniency can push you far away from a chance than you can even imagine of.

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    Follow Instructions in Application Form

    While filling out an application form, follow all instructions carefully, and do not leave any space blank. It is a must that your application is a complete document, containing all information about you a potential employer needs.

  • 3

    Market Your Skills and Yourself

    Just think that you are marketing yourself with all the abilities and skills. It is better if you carefully read job descriptions beforehand and promote your skills in the application form accordingly. You can be honest but rearranging words in accordance with job description is not an unforgivable sin.

  • 4

    Write Impressively Well

    While filling out the application form or a cover letter, put right vocabulary. Do not put in words that you have never used before to just to impress the potential employer. You can right simple yet impressively well.

  • 5

    Give Samples of Your Work

    Do not forget to give provide samples and examples of your recent work, particularly the one that relates to this job description. Have you written anything for blogs, it is better include that.

  • 6

    Demonstrate Knowledge of Blogging and SEO

    Some employers require you to demonstrate that you have a thorough knowledge about blogging and writing about blogs. Some go even further and ask for showing some experience of SEO (search engine optimization) writing that is driven by key words.

  • 7

    Demonstrate Knowledge of Field

    While filling out the application form or writing a cover letter, you should clearly demonstrate that you have knowledge about the field you will be required to write on. It can be some sport or banking product. It is must that you know the field about which you will be writing about.

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