How to Optimize Your Website for Free

When you build a website and set out to make online money, one of the few things that worry you is how to optimize your newly launched site for search engines (like Google, Bing and Yahoo). Running a business and make money online is very hard without optimizing your website. Optimization, a phrase commonly used in online world, is nothing but making your website search engine friendly. A search engine friendly website is one that appears higher than its peers on search engines.

Since search engines make your website’s organic results better, companies and blog owners like to hire professionals to carry out SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


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    On-page optimization

    Before you do anything, your website should be clean and informative when it comes to content. Clean content means it should not be duplicate or copied from another website. Since on-page optimization is all about creating content that targets certain keywords on which you want your website to appear in search results. On-page optimization starts with writing quality content use all the Meta tags in a way that they can attract users.

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    Create attention-grabbing title

    Title of your web pages is very important for optimization. Title is a line that appears in Google at the top of the search result of your site. It is a bold line that should cover related keywords, and if you do not create titles that target keywords of your industry, you cannot let search engines know that website is worth considering for better results.

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    Pay attention to other Meta tags

    Meta tags like description and Meta keywords play an important part in making your website search engine friendly. Meta description may consist of at least 100 to 150 characters, explaining what that particular page or the entire website is all about. Meta description appears below the title of your website search result, and users usually read it before clicking and visiting the page. So your Meta description and titles should be attractive enough to make the users want to click on your website.

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    Create a blog and integrate it into your website

    Create a blog and integrate it into your actual website. No website can beat the competition without creating content on a regular basis, and blog is fully geared toward doing that.  Blogs allow you to update content on a regular basis - something search engines like Google love.

    You can create a blog at Wordpress or blogspot. But if you want to make the most of a CMS (content management system), Wordpress is a much better option. CMS is embedded in your website ULR, making it a surefire Google leader if you publish fresh content on a regular basis.

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