How to Install Multiple WordPress Plugins Using FileZilla

Do you know how to install a plug-in in your WordPress Blog?

If yes, then you might also know that you can do it one at a time. Every time you plan to install multiple plug-ins, you search for them one by one, and install them one after another. The process takes a lot of time, if you are installing the plug-ins for the first time in your blog, as you will need to configure your blog using different tools that come with plug-ins. So, you can use FileZilla, which will help in installing multiple plug-ins at a time.


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    Download FileZilla and install it on your computer. Launch the application, and you will see different options on the top, including “Host,” “Username,” “Password” and “Port”.

    You will have to enter your domain’s IP address in the “Host” field. Then you can enter your login details in the “Username” and “Password” fields. As you are using WordPress Blog, you need to enter “21” in the “Port” field.

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    You will now see two panels in the program window. The left panel will show files and folders from your computer, and the right panel will display your server’s file and folders. Also, you will see small panel at the bottom, which display the files that you open from the top panels.

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    You will now have to click the folder that contains all the files and folders of your server. It will be present in the right-hand-side panel. Locate your WordPress Blog name and click on it. It will display all the files and folders in your WordPress Blog. Find the “Wp-Content” folder and click on it.

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    Now open the folder that contains all the plug-ins that you saved on your computer. You can do it from the left-hand-side panel.

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    At the bottom-left panel, you will now see all the plug-ins present in the folder. Click on the plug-in that you want to upload. If you want to upload multiple plug-ins, then press and hold Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the plug-ins that you want to upload. You can now click and drag the highlighted plug-ins to drop them in the plug-ins folder present at the right-side panel.

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    You will now see the files flashing at the bottom, which means that the files are being uploaded to your server.

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