Best Free WordPress Newsletter Plugins

Whether it’s your personal blog or business blog, having a good subscribers’ list is great idea. Email Newsletter is considered to be the most powerful tool for increasing the activity of your mailing list. So, if you’re running on WordPress, you may be thinking of getting a plugin developed that could manage newsletter functionality well.

Having a customized plugin is no doubt the most robust solution; the cost, however, can also be saved by using a ready made yet effective newsletter plugin. So, try free Email newsletter plugins for WordPress and communicate relevant information with the readers and customers who are subscribed to your newsletter.

Although there’re too many newsletter plugins available for WordPress, here is the list of the best ones. This list is based on number of downloads, users’ feedback over the plugins, level of ease and flexibility they provide you.


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    Subscribers Magnet

    This is premium like free Wordpress newsletter plug-in that makes subscription easy.  You can add forms within pages, posts, in the comment section or to your sidebar or anywhere else where you feel users are most likely to notice it.

    The actual magic of this plug-in is experienced when the user’s name and email address is imported automatically into the forms, after which the visitor only has to hit the subscribe button. The double option capabilities, custom footer bar signup form and the popin forms are considered among the additional features of Subscribers Magnet

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    WordPress Newsletter Plugin

    This simple plug-in is much more than a subscription plug-in, which is designed to amplify the rate of subscriptions. With the help of this tool you are allowed to send emails directly from your Wordpress site. In such scenarios where you have to cater with the number of subscribers in your mailing list, this plug-in is considered superlative.

    Besides saving money this newsletter plug-in also includes the statistics of subscribers, PayPal incorporation, setting up email, email queue, free or remunerated subscription plans,  newsletter templates, send HTML newsletters, POP and IMAP bounce handling, SMTP authentication and bounce email management functionality.

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    Standout Comments

    A standout comment is capable of adding extra sign-up functionality to your Wordpress blog. In your comments section checkboxes are added which will help you in capturing commenter’s email address. Besides that the other features of Standout Comments are tweetback tracking, sharing buttons, banner for ad placements and an administration panel.

  • 4

    Newsletter Booster

    This Wordpress newsletter plug-in is also famous for assembling subscribers. Likewise Standout Comments, Newsletter Booster also adds a checkbox to your login page in the comment section.

    Whenever a new visitor will try to comment on your blog he/she will be given an option to subscribe to your newsletter by checking the box. You can also look and format the text from the settings panel

  • 5


    Newsletter is a popular plug-in which is known for enhancing the ability to gather subscribers of newsletters.  You are also given an offer to single or double subscription option, besides that it is also capable of customizing what users can view after subscribing or unsubscribing.

    The text editor present is in charge for allowing the admin to generate custom newsletters that can be modified with every subscriber’s name.

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