How to Look Up a Tumblr Blog

Tumblr, Inc. is a micro-blogging and social networking website. You just have to make an account on the website and after setting up your theme and URL for the blog you can start posting your blogs. Blogs will get published, though you have to make sure that others can easily search and read it. Considering millions of people writing on the same thing and even posting lots of comments on it, it will be difficult for a search engine to find out your blog easily. You must learn a few things about blogging which can help your readers and followers to search you out among those million other bloggers.


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    Blogging is an art, but it will get wasted if you do not know the basic things to attract the people towards it. Beside your writing skills, other thing that matters a lot is tagging. When you have finished writing your blog, you must not forget to add tags or labels on that post. Right under the blog there is the place for adding tags. Tags should be related to your post, like if you are writing about upcoming elections, then you must write ‘elections’ in the tags. All the names of popular people and places you have mentioned in your blog can be used as tag, like ‘Barack Obama’. Tagging will help people find out the exact things they want to read about.

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    If you are a good blogger and you have very few followers then you can also tag your name with your blog. It will become easier for your followers to reach your blogs as search engine will queue it up on the first page. Then you have a ‘search tag’ box at the top right corner of your Tumblr dashboard, you just have to write the word you want to read blogs about. Tumblr search will show you list of blogs associating that word.

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    You cannot search your or anybody else’s blog directly on Tumblr, you have to write down the proper link of that blogger in order to reach it. Tumblr provides every blogger a proper link, such as is a link of a blog of NFL News. In the same way you can also find your friend’s or celebrities’ blogs on Tumblr.

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