How to Start Video Blogging

Setting up and running a video blog has become one of the most popular ways of making money online. Although the task of setting up your video blog can be challenging, a number of internet users are looking into this excellent business/money making opportunity. If you are looking to start your own video blog, you will need to pay attention to a lot of details. Follow some simple steps to help you start video blogging.

Things Required:

– Computer
– Camera
– Basic IT skills


  • 1

    Create a blog

    You will first have to create a blog before you can do any sort of video blogging. There are many different sites that offer free blogs but it is important to check if these support video blogging. Design your blog specifically on the topic of your choice. You can buy the domain and hosting from any reputed online company. If you want to design your own blog, consider downloading website building software such as Dreamweaver and Getcontrol.

  • 2

    Identify your audience

    Identify your targeted audience as this will help you determine what information the visitors will be interested in.

  • 3

    Choose your equipment

    When you start your video blog, it’s always a good idea to try to utilise the equipment that you already have. Many people are only using their digital cameras to get started. Keep in mind that the professional video bloggers often spend thousands of dollars purchasing equipment.

  • 4

    Decide on what your video will be about

    It’s important to write a script in order to outline what your video will be featuring. You can always improvise when you start recording. Try to study the material before you begin recording to avoid mistakes on camera.

  • 5

    Record the video

    If you need help, find a friend who can help you run all of the equipment necessary to record the video. Try to record the same video a couple of times in order to have a couple to choose from so that you can pick the best one.

  • 6

    Edit the video

    Before you post your video to your blog, you can edit them in order to add some effects or music, as well as title and credits. This step is optional but it could greatly improve the quality of your video presentation.

  • 7


    You will also be required to develop a decent marketing and promoting strategy for your blog. Hire an SEO expert and use social media websites to promote your work. Remember, the more people notice or hear about your blog the greater the traffic.

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