How to Upgrade WordPress on Yahoo Hosting

If you own a WordPress blog and you are planning to upgrade it to Yahoo! hosting packages, then you should worry about the installation process, as it is really easy and you do not even need to know anything about using FTP and creating MySQL databases.

Here, the problem is that you will not be allowed to put your blog in the root directory of your domain. In addition to that, when you will install your WordPress blog on Yahoo! hosting, your blog theme will have ads in it by default. To avoid the ads, you will have to look for other free themes without Yahoo! ads in them.


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    Login to your Yahoo! webhosting account and open your control panel. Open "Create & Update" tab and from the list of options, select “WordPress”. You will now see a form appearing on your screen. Choose a username and password and enter your email address which you want to associate with your account.

    Make sure you provide a valid email address, which you can use in order to recover the password, if you forget it. If you want to make your blog as homepage, then you should make sure that you click the particular checkbox before submitting the form.

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    Follow the prompts to continue the installation process. When you are asked about specifying the folder where you want your WordPress Blog to be installed, make sure you select a folder which is empty, and does not have any other tool or application installed in it.

    Always try to avoid installing WordPress Blog in your phpMyAdmin or message board folder. Click the radio button against the folder where you want to install your blog. You can also create a new folder for this purpose, which is highly recommended. You will then be prompted to agree the license. Click “I agree” and then activate WordPress.

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    Once completed, login to your WordPress account and open your dashboard. Move your cursor over the “Appearance” tab, present at the left side bar. Click “Themes” from the menu and to check the themes that Yahoo! installed for your WordPress.

    Here, all the pre-installed themes will have Yahoo! ads in them. Therefore, you can click “Add Theme” and search for available themes. Select the one which you want to be installed for you blog and click “Activate”.

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