How to Deal with Blog Hecklers

Blog comments have a huge tendency of attracting hecklers. Such people attack the blogger because they have nothing better to do, while others hecklers are looking to debate with the blogger to show themselves as superior in knowledge. They are other types of hecklers as well. Identifying the kind of heckler you are dealing with is important in dealing with them appropriately.


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    The first thing you need to do is to uncover the true intention of the heckler. Do not simply judge them on the fact that they are disagreeing with your point of view and attempting to embarrass you. You need to understand why they are doing what they are doing and then dealing with them accordingly. The underlying motives behind the commenter’s words will put you at an advantage while tackling them.

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    If you identify the heckler as a genuine debater, engage in a conversation with him. Such people simply love to debate and share their point of view if they disagree with what you have voiced in your piece. Commenting on a blog is a perfect opportunity for them to be heard and they intend to make the most out of it. You will be able to recognise them by the tone of their language and their adherence to the message instead of embarrassing you or another community member. Engage a debater in conversation as such people can contribute to your blog, while also helping you refine your own point of view.

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    If you identify the heckler as a genuine thrasher, it is best to ignore them. Such people have a habit of going around the Internet searching for fights. They care little about the message under discussion and simply focus on embarrassing the blog writer and the community. You do not want to give the attacker any satisfaction or encouragement by reacting to his attacks. However, if the attacker is actually making some valid points, you can respond to them.

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    If you identify the heckler as a joker, deal with them how you feel appropriate. Sometimes, these people can prove to be a welcome addition to the discussion. Other times, they can prove to be a nuisance who serve no purpose at all. Depending on what they are contributing to the community, handle them accordingly. If you want them to stay, encourage them by letting them know that they are hilarious. If you want them to leave, ignore them.

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    If you identify the heckler as a PR thrasher, ignore them. The real motive behind their attacks is to drive the traffic away from your blog and redirect it to their own blog or website. You can confirm if the heckler is a PR thrasher using any link text that they may have posted. Do a quick search on them to check if they have been using the same tactic in other blogs as well.

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