How to Use a Custom Domain Name on a Tumblr Blog

Using a custom domain name on a Tumblr blog is very easy as it will allow you to enter a link which offers basic services. This name then will be linked to your blog and you can claim correct authenticity of the domain. Tumblr itself does not sell any domain names whereas you have to purchase it from other services. There are many websites from which you can purchase a domain name and then link it to your own blog. If you purchase a domain name, it will also give you other services as well to edit your blog.


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    Purchasing a domain name

    The first thing will be to choose a domain name. You can also purchase a domain name without web hosting but you can also purchase a name with web hosting. You will be entitled to pay every year whatever the amount will be. Before you purchase a domain name, you can also visit websites which offer domain names and hosting services. You will find different rates of different domain hosting which you can select the rates according to your needs. Remember it is always a good idea to shop around and find the most competitive pricing plans.

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    Change basic record of the domain

    Using Tumblr you should change your domain’s record to “”. It all depends on your registrar and the company you are working with. They have access to change your domain names and the registration address.

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    Customisation page

    After purchasing your domain name and then changing the address, now you have the freedom to customise your page. It will give you liberty to make changes on your particular blog.

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    Test your domain name

    In the end, you should also test your domain and see how things are going on the blog. You should enter the URL and then click to check if it is working well or not.

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    Resolving Issues

    If you face any difficulties then you can always go online and visit some of the many different websites and forums to help you out. There are many different sites that can provide some assistance if you feel that you need it. Be sure to check out the various posts in the forums to see if your problem has already been solved. There are many expert users that can solve your issues relatively quickly and give you some decent tips, tricks or advice. You can also check out various online video tutorials to help you out as well.

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