How to Write a Good Article Summary

Writing a good article summary is an art and you need to take care of the structure, vocabulary and flow to master it. An article summary holds much significance because it creates a direct impact on the reader. It contains all details of those elements that you want to express.

Many people fail to get the desired results from their target audience simply because they fail to justify the summary with main points. However, by taking care of a few things, you can get the desired outcome. If you want to write an effective article summary follow some of these simple techniques.


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    First, you should keep in mind that you are writing this for your audience or readers. Think from a reader’s point of view which will help you in adopting a familiar tone and your article summary will be quite interesting to read.

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    You should make a general statement, which is usually the title of the article. It should be catchy enough to pull the attention of the readers and entice them to stay and read the article summary as well.

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    Make sure you present the crux or central idea of the article into the title or general statement, which will help you in easily providing details in your summary.

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    Take a notepad and write down all major points that clearly explain the general statement of your article. Make sure you do not deviate from the main statement as readers will not take much interest in reading your article.

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    In the beginning sentences of your article summary, you need to mention all those points that you are going to address. It will help readers to understand the main elements that you are going to present in the whole article. This is probably your first and last chance to grab the attention of the readers.

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    Always choose appropriate language that is familiar to your target audience. Keep your article simple and structured to help readers comprehend everything that you have expressed. Convey the purpose of your article in a clear and concise manner to your audience. It will help in creating the desired impact in the minds of your readers.

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    Conclude your article summary by presenting the message that could inspire your readers to behave in a way you want.

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